The motherboard of the sega genesis console I helped code a game in 68000 assembly language for.


We spent our evenings and weekends creating, tinkering with, and exploring real-time computer graphics. We immersed ourselves in a subculture where getting the most out of your graphics hardware earned you the most respect.

After years of coding demos and games on the limited PC, Amiga, Sega, Nintendo hardware of the time, we’d accumulated a deep understanding of what was possible.

A few years later, we watched mobile phones evolve into surprisingly powerful machines. We realised our deep understanding could now be applied to these devices with seemingly magical results.


We’re a team of engineers, visual artists, and interaction designers. We can’t wait to get to work to talk about discoverable interactions, natural gestures, haptic feedback, information hierachies, and optimising graphics.

We continue to stay small, just like the old days, because we’ve found that this is the best way to quickly build beautiful, easy-to-use experiences built on solid technology.

Our current technology stack is built on React Native as it allows us to build fast, native experiences across iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS and the web.

We love what we do. We think you’ll love what we do too.
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